Terms of use

Deutsche Bank Private and Business Customers

  • A.Information

  • Deutsche Bank Sociedad Anónima Española is not responsible for the information contained in external links that may be accessed from this website.
    • I.Market information

      • 1.Pricing information is provided on a deferred basis
      • 2.he information is provided by Standard and Poor’s.
      • 3.We recommend that before submitting any buy or sell or order, you check to make sure that the information used in the decision-making process is up to date
    • II.Investment funds and other products

      • 1.The tables show the historical returns for each fund.
      • 2. Past performance is not indicative of future results.  The value of investments may rise or fall and investors may not recover the amount they initially invested.
      • 3. Variations in currency exchange rates can also increase or decrease the value of the investment. 
      • III.Public offering

        • 1.The public offerings listed here do not constitute offers of securities to residents outside Spain. The information contained on this site is intended exclusively for distribution and use by residents of Spain.
        • 2. The prospectus and/or brochure contains the information required for the recipients of the issue to form a complete and reasoned opinion on it, the securities in the issue and the issuer. Consequently, we recommend that you read it carefully before investing in the offered securities.
        • IV.Analysis and recommendations

          • 1.The information provided in “Analyst Consensus" is the opinion of various analysts compiled by IBES. These opinions are based on objective criteria and reliable information but constitute neither an offer nor a solicitation to buy or sell the financial product under analysis. The opinions expressed on the issue date of the analysis are subject to changes as markets fluctuate. Deutsche Bank, S.A.E. is not responsible for decisions taken on the basis of this information.
          • 2. References to this section should refer to "Deutsche Bank Analysis". In accordance with the General Code of Conduct established in Royal Decree 629/1993, the information contained in this section represents the opinion of Deutsche Bank, S.A.E. based on objective criteria and reliable information and the opinion expressed by Deutsche Bank AG London and is specifically intended for institutional clients. This opinion constitutes neither an offer nor a solicitation to buy or sell the financial product under analysis, and the opinion expressed on the issue date of the analysis is subject to change without prior notice as markets fluctuate. Deutsche Bank, S.A.E. is not responsible for decisions taken on the basis of this information. Opinions expressed in this section are unrelated to the rest of the opinions expressed on this site. Neither Deutsche Bank AG London nor Deutsche Bank, Sociedad Anónima Española is responsible for the Spanish translation of this document. In the event of a conflict between the terms of the two versions, the English version shall prevail over the Spanish version.

      • B.Condiciones del servicio

        • I.Characteristics of the service

          Deutsche Bank Sociedad Anónima Española (hereinafter DB S.A.E.) is not liable for any error in data transmission, loss of data or alteration of any kind that occurs while using the online banking service.
          The client agrees to abide by the law in all consultations and transactions carried out on digital networks, without DB S.A.E. being liable for any damages sustained by the customer or third parties as a result of other transactions, queries or information from these networks that are unrelated to DB S.A.E.
          DB S.A.E. is not responsible for damages caused by the unauthorised use of passwords.
          The DB S.A.E. server has been certified by an international certification authority, VeriSign, to ensure that it is in fact connected to DB S.A.E. Your browser will indicate that it is a secure connection. All the information transmitted is encrypted using the SSL protocol and 128-bit keys.
          There are steps that we recommend that you take to protect the information on your computer from being compromised:

          • Clear your browser's cache at the end of each session to ensure the confidentiality of your banking and financial information.
          • Deactivate your browser’s password/saving functions.
          • Keep your passwords secret and do not write them down or tell anyone.

        • II.Alerts

          • The response times and efficiency of the Deutsche Bank alert service are directly dependent on the state of the telecommunication systems used to process electronic orders, in particular the Internet and SIBE, the computerised trading system of the stock exchange. Therefore, Deutsche Bank S.A.E. declines any liability for interruptions, delays, errors or other inconveniences caused by events beyond the control of  Deutsche Bank S.A.E. or its IT provider, which includes problems arising from connection software, computer systems, modems, electricity and telecommunications networks.

      • C.Personal Data Protection
        • Deutsche Bank, Sociedad Anónima Española safeguards your data and keeps it confidential in accordance with current legislation (Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data), using it only for the following purposes:

          • Processing, monitoring and managing the products/services you order or purchase and also when any of the following products/services are purchased:

            • Investment Funds: Communications between the bank and the investment fund manager.  When requesting a transfer, the data will be disclosed by the investment fund or firm to the receiving entity, which will in turn request on the former’s behalf the mobilisation of the balance of financial or vested rights. 
            • Securities (only for transactions carried out by US residents or citizens): Reporting of identities and financial data required by the US Internal Revenue Service through the subcustodian in the US, in accordance with its national laws, for tax and control purposes. In order to comply with these tax and identification obligations, the depositor(s) must complete and sign the ID form provided by the Internal Revenue Service.
            • Electronic banking: The owner must inform third parties authorised to use the service, in advance, that their data will be processed for that purpose and inform them of their rights.
            • Debit and credit cards with associated benefits or supplemental services: Customer’s data will be disclosed to collaborating companies for the management and application of supplemental features and/or benefits of the card, such as discounts or insurance.
            • Money transfers: Credit institutions and other payment service providers, as well as payment systems and related technology service providers who receive the data in order to carry out the transaction may be obligated by the laws of the state in which they operate, or by agreements concluded by it, to provide information on the transaction to the authorities or official bodies of other countries, both inside and outside the European Union, as part of the fight against the financing of terrorism and serious forms of organised crime and the prevention of money laundering.
          • Automatic risk assessment and expert analysis; analysis and assignment of profiles and consumer habits; commercial information and mailings on products and services marketed or brokered by the companies that make up or may make up the Deutsche Bank Group engaged in the following activities: financial services; acting as financial and/or insurance agents and/or brokers; financial asset management and advice; investment and pension fund management and portfolio management; acting as real estate brokers or advisers; acting as insurance brokers and/or advisers; and the provision of miscellaneous services.
          • When requesting a transaction, service or product through one of our agents/collaborators, they will transfer your data to the Bank, which will have access to the data to process and manage your request, maintain the business relationship with you and inform you of the products/services marketed or brokered by the Bank.
          • Communications with and transfers to third parties involved in the operations needed for the development, compliance and control of the product/service and with companies of the Deutsche Bank Group and parent company with the aim of conducting overall profitability studies by customer; studying, evaluating, monitoring, controlling and recovering from risks; and the analyses and disclosures indicated in the previous paragraph.
          • As required for the offered/requested product, processing and disclosures to/from companies providing credit and solvency information services, risk analysis and verification in order to verify and assess creditworthiness through contacts with the companies and persons to whom the information refers.

            You may exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose under the terms of Organic Law 15/1999 by contacting Deutsche Bank Sociedad Anónima Española, Servicio de Atención al Cliente, Apartado de Correos 416, 08080 Barcelona.
            If a particular product or service requires the transfer of personal data from third parties to the Bank for the development and performance of the contracted service or product, customer must inform the data subjects of this. In such cases the Bank must process the data only to the extent necessary and in accordance with the purposes and indications contained in the contract and the agreements reached by the parties. The data may not be used, processed or disclosed for any other purpose and the appropriate security measures must be adopted, depending on the type of data processed

      • D.Our Policies

        • 1.Conflict of Interest Policy

          Describes the measures and procedures for detecting, preventing or, where appropriate, managing possible conflicts of interest that may arise in the provision of the services. If they are insufficient, the Bank will disclose the general nature and source of the conflict of interest and the measures taken to mitigate the risks prior to taking action.

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        • 2.Order Execution Policy

          Describes the measures taken by the Bank to try to obtain the best possible result for our customers’ operations. With the entry into force of MiFID II, each year we will publish the main intermediaries and centres where our customers’ orders are processed, along with information on execution quality of the execution.

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        • 3.Incentive Policy

          Reports on the existence, types and amounts of commissions, fees or non-monetary benefits that may be received from or paid to third parties by Deutsche Bank. In order to provide greater clarity on the incentives paid or received, we will indicate the amount prior to processing the transaction.  If the exact amount cannot be determined, a method will be provided for calculating or estimating the amount.  In this case, you will be notified of the exact amount at a later date.

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        • 4.Asset Safeguard Policy

          Describes the measures and procedures we use to protect our customers’ financial instruments and funds. These measures are reinforced to prevent unauthorised use.

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        • 5.Convenience and Suitability Policy

          The Convenience and Suitability Policy establishes the guidelines and basis for evaluating the convenience and suitability of customers.  To do so, we collect information from them that allows us to assess whether their knowledge and experience are suitable for purchasing a financial instrument and/or investment service, and to assess whether an investment is suitable for their financial situation and investment objectives.

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      • E. Transactions by customers who are non-residents in Spain

        • Should you be a customer of Deutsche Bank Sociedad Anónima Española with legal or tax residence outside of Spain, this is to inform you that any banking transactions you conduct through the Bank will be subject to the regulations and restrictions in force at any given time in your country of residence.

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