15 years
is a small step
in this never-ending dance

Saioa López. Dancer

This might sound like science fiction,
but when Saioa dances time can fly by and
take her as far as she wants to go. Like
when she moved to Madrid and New York,
where she learnt to dance over 15 years

Fifteen years are not enough. At least not to learn
to dance. And that's because there's only one way of
continuing to do so: to carry on dancing for your
whole life. To carry on turning things around while
the Earth also turns around the Sun. Because every
rotation of the planet, every single great turn adds
another year to life

Over the last 15 rotations around the Sun, Saioa López has
had time to live in different countries. To dance in every
type of theatre and meet people she would never have imagined
she would meet. It has given her time to discover so many new
places that she feels she still has everything to learn

Her desire to carry on learning from dance
led Saioa to return home to Irún. With the sole
aim of putting across everything the past
15 years has given her and with the same desire
to continue spending all of her time on what
life gives her

"Dance, like time, must be
enjoyed without necessarily
understanding it."